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 Q. What is new in QuickFix 4.0?

A. The patented structure is maintained in a simpler interlocking module. Fewer parts are required which can be extended to any size fixture. Interference with tooling pins along edges has been eliminated. The fixture is lighter and easily handled for pin loading. See movie clip.

Q. Will QuickFix 4.0 work with my tester?

A. The QuickFix system will work with any tester now using 3.75 music wire fixtures.

Q. What size fixtures are available?

A. The QuickFix 4.0 is extendable to any size. The components interlock on 4.0 inch centers.

Q. How is the QuickFix 4.0 an improvement over existing fixtures?

A. QuickFix components are interlocked so that distortion in the fixture plates is eliminated.

Q. My fixture is using G-10 material for rigidity; do I need G-10 in the QuickFix 4.0?

A. The structure in the QuickFix 4.0 is built into the frame; the inner plates now function only to insulate the pins from each other. Polycarbonate and acrylic materials are suitable.

Q. How many plates are used in the QuickFix 4.0?

A. As few as 3 and as many as 13 are accommodated with the standard component.

Q. How much does QuickFix cost?

A. QuickFix is sold in commonly used kit sizes, and is competitive even with post-and-donut styles.